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KLIMSTAHL s.r.o. is metalworking company dealing in production of components for meassuring, pressure and filtration technologies, gas and water industry, automotive.

On this market we work since 2005 and in our region still one of the biggest metalworking company with own production capacity. We employ more than 100 employees.

Our company provide all activities , begining from development and ending with expedition of finished products. To ensure our production we have stable suppliers on all types requrired materials and tools for metalworking.

We are based in three sites:

  • Vadovce, Hrabnik - production site with managment offices and accountacy - 2750m2
  • Myjava, Armaturka - production site - 1200m2
  • Myjava, Novomeststka - expedition site and outgoing check - 250m2

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